Metro 3 Corridors East San Fernando Valley North-South Rapidways Project
Los Angeles County, California
KOA prepared this study for Los Angeles County Metro and the City of Los Angeles to identify feasible and beneficial improvements to transit operating speeds and overall trip travel times for bus passengers on three East San Fernando Valley north-south roadway corridors. Potential changes that involved physical roadway improvements, such as widening or restriping, underwent conceptual engineering.

Kern COG Goods Movement Strategy
Kern County, California
The Kern Council of Governments (Kern COG) commissioned KOA to create a Goods Movement Strategy for the Kern County area. KOA used data from some its previous goods movement project and corridor studies and other data sources to rank future capital improvements that will assist traffic flows on major truck routes and provide input to the larger San Joaquin Valley goods movement strategy. The study is being used by Kern COG for project development activities and other planning efforts in the region.

City of Placentia General Plan Traffic Study
Placentia, California
KOA updated the City of Placentia General Plan Circulation Element, incorporating traffic, transit, bicycle, and pedestrian components into the document. KOA documented existing and planned transit services and incorporated bicycle and pedestrian elements into the General Plan document.

Regional Traffic Study for Kunia Road and Royal Kunia
Phase II Development

Honolulu, Hawaii
This study used the OahuMPO Regional Travel Demand Forecasting Model to develop “long-range baseline” and “with project” scenarios to analyze traffic impacts. KOA converted land use data into socioeconomic data; refined the OahuMPO model; generated forecasts for each study scenario; and analyzed intersection levels of service, the study corridor, and transit operation conditions. Based on our SYNCHRO analyses, the Royal Kunia Phase 2 development will likely impact the adjacent streets, but can be mitigated to an acceptable level.

SR-60 Freeway/SR-57 Freeway at Grand Avenue Project Study Report
Industry & Diamond Bar, California
KOA prepared a traffic study for a project study report for proposed improvements to the project interchange.  VISSIM 3D simulation was used for this project.  The traffic study analyzed existing and future conditions at several intersections and analyzed four freeway weaving segments.  The analysis considered interchange spacing and ramp configurations for five build and one no-build alternative.

Mangrove Estates Mixed-Use Transit Oriented Development EIR
Los Angeles, California
KOA prepared the transportation element of the EIR for the proposed Mangrove Estates mixed-use and transit-oriented development (TOD) project in downtown Los Angeles. KOA analyzed the traffic impacts associated with four project development schemes, and working with LADOT, created a robust set of transportation demand and transportation systems management tools to mitigate traffic impacts. Strategies included reduced parking, car sharing, bike sharing, bike lockers, transit kiosks, and other non-auto-oriented improvements.

LAUSD Strategic Execution Plan - Traffic Studies
Los Angeles, California
KOA has extensive experience in providing consulting services to the Los Angeles Unified School District. We have been involved with the preparation of CEQA and other environmental documentation for the Los Angeles Unified School District for many years, and have been a part of the LAUSD Program EIR Implementation program from 2004 to the present. We have provided consulting services on hundreds of LAUSD projects including planning, engineering, and traffic impact studies for new and existing elementary schools, middle schools and high schools throughout the District.

UCLA Campus Planning and Design
Los Angeles, California
Crain & Associates (a wholly-owned subsidiary of KOA) has provided transportation consulting services to UCLA for over 30 years on numerous projects. In 2002, they were retained to perform a complete analysis of the transportation impacts of a 15-year development plan. To perform a thorough and complete analysis, they utilized a specially developed computerized campus transportation model. This transportation study was conducted as part of the environmental review process and was prepared in coordination with the City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation, as well as other State, regional and local agencies. Based on this long-range plan and other transportation and parking studies, we have prepared numerous transit improvement, striping, parking, street lighting and signal designs for the University.

Hoag Hospital Parking Master Plan Study
Newport Beach, California
KOA analyzed Hoag Memorial Hospital's existing and future parking needs and developed a parking management plan to address future parking needs as well as maximize parking opportunities within the hospital campus.

Redding Courthouse Parking Needs Assessment
Redding, California
KOA prepared a parking study for the Shasta County Court House in the City of Redding, California. KOA documented the courthouse's parking supply and the utilization of the study area's parking supply. KOA conducted and documented parking surveys of courthouse staff and visitors. The survey data and growth projections were used to determine future parking needs.

Union Pacific Neighborhood Traffic Calming Study
Los Angeles, California
The County of Los Angeles Department of Public Works retained KOA to conduct a comprehensive neighborhood-wide traffic calming analysis for the Union Pacific neighborhood in East Los Angeles. KOA documented resident's concerns and issues regarding safety, and developed solutions and recommendations in a two phase neighborhood traffic protection program. KOA hosted the community meetings with simultaneous English/Spanish translation including printed materials.

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