Department of Public Works Traffic Improvement Program
Los Angeles County, California
As part of a Countywide Traffic Improvement Program, KOA has provided traffic engineering services to Los Angeles County since 2002. The program is intended to improve traffic flow and reduce congestion on arterial streets. One part of the program involves designing and implementing traffic signal synchronization improvements on multi-jurisdictional routes of regional significance. To date, KOA has been involved in six projects, including one project that had 47 signalized intersections synchronized.

OCTA La Palma Avenue Traffic Light Synchronization Program (TLSP) Project
Orange County, California
KOA provided engineering services to upgrade antiquated signal hardware and to coordinate multi- jurisdictional signal synchronizations for improved traffic flow along La Palma Avenue, spanning three cities. The services included an assessment of the inventory of signal equipment and hardware; recommendation of hardware upgrades, traffic management system updates, and signal timing optimization along the corridor.

Honolulu Signal Retiming Program Phases 1-4
Honolulu, Hawaii
KOA conducted a four-phase traffic signal timing evaluation project for the City and County of Honolulu to help relieve severe congestion. All signalized intersections in the City and on the island of Oahu were studied. The project used a signal optimization program requiring special care to avoid creating localized traffic jams.

Citywide Traffic Signal Management / Synchronization
Salt Lake City, Utah
This federally funded project set out to reduce vehicular fuel consumption by optimizing traffic signal timing and improving downtown traffic performance. The project included the development of a traffic signal management program and a rating criterion for monitoring the continuing needs of the City's traffic signal system.

Spring Valley and 4S Ranch Corridor ITS Design-Build
San Diego County, California
KOA was the ITS integrator, as-built final plan checker, and the signal timing designer for this project administered by the County of San Diego, which included the preparation of as-built final signal plans. KOA developed signal timing plans and integrated and configured all the network switches in the field, as well as brought the data back to the County's traffic management center.

Suggested Pedestrian Routes to School Mapping Program
Los Angeles County, California
KOA was retained by the County of Los Angeles to create 'suggested routes to school' maps to provide a countywide safer walking environment for schoolchildren in 153 public elementary schools. KOA created maps for each of these schools, which suggested safe routes to each school; and built a website for downloading the Suggested Routes to School maps; and provided training for County employees to operate and maintain the website.

South Gate Citywide Lighting Master Plan
South Gate, California
KOA is currently assisting the City of South Gate in preparing a citywide lighting master plan, which includes performing an extensive inventory of nearly 4,500 street lights and 100 parking lot lights using state-of-the-art GPS technology and field-verification techniques. The master plan will help promote public safety and energy efficiency. When completed, the Lighting Master Plan (LMP) will ensure that all areas of the City receive consistent treatment and give guidance on the installation and maintenance of the lighting systems.

Playa Vista Development Project
Los Angeles, California
As part of a Caltrans On-Call contract, KOA prepared PS&E for traffic-related off-site improvements for the Playa Vista Development in the City of Los Angeles for over 11 years. Projects have included preparation of typical cross sections, layouts, construction details, drainage, utility, stage construction, traffic handling, pavement delineation, signage, highway lighting, signal plans, quantities sheets, and specifications and cost estimates for various projects in coordination with Caltrans and the Cities of Culver City and Los Angeles.

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