What Does Active Transportation Mean To You?

Active Transportation means sustainability for our future. It increases mobility choices and enhances the livability of communities by reducing congestion and greenhouse gas emissions. It also improves public health by providing better and safer facilities for people on bikes and pedestrians. KOA is committed to planning, engineering, and helping communities implement active transportation projects as a means to make Southern California a better place to live and work. Check out our video!


Presentation on KOA Corporation's
Advancements in Active Transportation

"Change the Way We Travel..."


State Route 75 Main Street Corridor
Imperial Beach, California
KOA worked to develop a smart corridor concept along State Route 75, a six-lane wide busy arterial with fast moving traffic that lacks a safe and attractive pedestrian environment. The project goals included balancing the needs of pedestrians and creating more attractive retail environment while still serving the throughput needs of this state route. One of the innovative solutions achieved was to create a set of frontage roads for parking and local access along Palm Avenue while reserving the central lanes for through traffic and to have medians divide these two functions on either side of the roadway. Given the location and elements of the plan, KOA addressed design and operational feasibility, parking, traffic calming, and prioritizing treatment for non-motorists.

Coast Highway Pedestrian Village
Del Mar, California
KOA worked with the City of Del Mar to transform the commercial heart of the community into a pedestrian-friendly village. Del Mar is a small beach community bisected by Coast Highway, a four lane road with high traffic and high speeds. With limited right of way as a constraint the project proposes to reduce Coast Highway to two lanes with roundabouts in order to slow traffic speeds, create more space for sidewalk cafes and parking while maintaining traffic flows.

Carson Street Master Plan Improvements
Carson, California
KOA produced roadway and traffic signal designs for this complete streets/streetscape project and monitored the civil engineering issues related to street profiles, traffic, drainage and constructability during all design phases of the project. The project design concepts included expanded sidewalk areas, pedestrian-focused intersection treatments, and new bicycle facilities, as well as an analysis of potential changes due to corridor improvements, and reorientation of commercial center traffic due to the installation of raised medians. The project incorporated Green Street Technology concepts, such as utilization of alternative drainage systems, bio-swales and plantings.

Broadway & 3rd Street Separated Bikeways (Cycle Track)
Long Beach, California
KOA developed a protected bikeway to provide an enhanced facility for bicyclists. Special left-turn and bicycle signals were provided to reduce conflicts between bicyclists and motorists. Adjacent crosswalk signals were re-timed to provide synchronization for both motorists and bicyclists. A "Before and After" study was completed, which included compiling and analyzing data on bicycle, pedestrian, and vehicle activity, volume, and speed.

Daisy Avenue Corridor Bicycle Boulevard PS&E Design
Long Beach, California
KOA developed a bike facility along the Daisy Avenue corridor. Treatments such as a roundabout, traffic circle, traffic signal, bicycle detector, and other greenway improvements were provided at the conceptual design stage of the project.

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